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Alert! For Users of KwikTag

It’s come to our attention at ImageTag that companies and individuals who rely on digital scanners to scan and email documents are being targeted aggressively by patent trolls demanding payment directly from end users. In response, ImageTag is getting the word out to partners and customers to clear any confusion and prevent acts of fraud against our business community, while quickly resolving any potential issues for KwikTag users.
The good news for ImageTag customers and partners is that they are almost entirely likely not to be impacted at all based on how they typically use KwikTag—or they can easily configure KwikTag to steer clear of this threat.

But first, some of the details.

Companies being targeted by this recent wave of patent trolling typically receive a letter in the mail from organizations with names like Project Paperless LLC, AdzPro, GosNel, or FasLa. The letters claim that the target company is in violation of patents related to the method by which scanned PDF documents are sent via email.  The letter goes on to demand restitution in the amount of $1,000 per employee for patent infringement. You read that right. $1,000 per employee. And they are not going after the manufacturers of digital scanners—they are victimizing the end user companies, who likely lack the same kind of financial and legal resources to combat this kind of intimidation.

Luckily, for ImageTag customers, these patent trolls probably do not pose a serious threat.

For ImageTag customers, the patents specifically mentioned in these letters (PDFs being emailed to or from a scanner) are easily circumnavigated by one of the following capture methods inherent to KwikTag:

  • FTP from scanner to KwikTag input Channel (either PDF or TIFF)
  • Scan to a network file share (either PDF or TIFF)
  • Scan to email (TIFF)
  • Scan directly to a user’s workstation then dragged & dropped or copied to KwikTag Input Channel
  • Scan to proprietary file routing software provided by scanning manufacturer (e.g. – Ricoh Scanrouter)

Here are some other methods to get files (any file type) into KwikTag which are not in direct sight of the supposed patent infringement:

  • Upload from User Client (http on backend)
  • Upload from ERP (FTP and http on backend)
  • DIME (in legacy KwikTag Transport application)
  • SFTP (in legacy KwikTag Transport application)
  • Direct Web Service Call (Import.UploadFile)
  • OfficeDoKs (FTP and http on backend)
  • ‘Pull’ methods – KwikTag Input services monitoring directories on other machines, such as network shares or user workstations
  • Email
  • Manual creation and copy of Import file pair to Import channel

At the same time, the fight continues against patent trolling at the state and federal level.

Luckily for the business community at large, state attorney offices and legislatures are taking steps to make patent trolls who attack end customers illegal.  The US attorney general is also looking to make patent trolling illegal at the federal level.  For example, my home state, New York, is the latest.

This notification is not meant to transmit legal advice so if you or one your clients are contacted by a patent troll, it is always best to consult legal counsel.  If you’d like more information about this matter, please check out the resources listed below:

ARS Technic article

WSJ article


Fox Restaurants to Expand Outside of Arizona

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Sherwood Systems Achieves Microsoft Competencies – Gold ERP and Silver CRM

Sherwood Systems is proud to announce our competencies in the new Microsoft Partner Program. We have attained the Gold Enterprise Resource Planning certification and the Silver Customer Relationship Management certification. Partners with gold competencies represent organizations (and associated individuals) that have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment within a specific Microsoft business solution area.

Sherwood Systems Named to 2010 President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics

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Sherwood Systems Consultants pass CRM and GP Certifications

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Stirling Energy Systems SunCatcher™ Technology used in new Tessera Solar/SRP Solar Plant

Tessera Solar and SRP are partnering on a new 1.5-megawatt solar project in Peoria, AZ using the innovative SunCatcher™ concentrating solar-thermal technology manufactured by Scottsdale, AZ-based Stirling Energy Systems.

Stirling Energy Systems expands its offices as solar energy efforts ramp up

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Ed Bonaski, Director of Sales, wins Microsoft award

Sherwood Systems is proud to announce that our Director of Sales, Ed Bonaski, won an award from Microsoft for the most sales in the Western region in the last quarter of 2008.

Microsoft Offers 0% Financing on new Microsoft Dynamics Solutions, Nov 13, 2008

Microsoft is offering a 0% Financing Promotion on new purchases of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions until March 2009.

Sherwood Systems is a Gold Sponsor of the GPUG Summit in Las Vegas, Sept 22 – 24, 2008

The Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) and Sherwood Systems invites you to attend the premier annual conference for Dynamics GP users, GPUG partners and key Dynamics GP personnel from Microsoft. GPUG is designed to help you optimize your usage of Microsoft Dynamics GP in your business. Visit us in Booth 503!

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Consultant Leslie Clark, achieves GP 10.0 Certification, July 18, 2008

Sherwood Systems is proud to announce that our consultant, Leslie Clark, passed her Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Installation & Configuration certification on July 18, 2008.

Sherwood Systems Named to 2007 Microsoft President’s Club

Sherwood Systems recently received recognition from Microsoft for outstanding customer
commitment and sales achievement and was named to the Microsoft Dynamics™ President’s

Sherwood Systems Named to President’s Club for 2006-2007

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