The healthcare industry continues to face intense challenges, including rising costs, declining profitability, and widespread inefficiency. Meanwhile, a fast-changing regulatory environment and pressure to improve quality, safety, and access are driving an extraordinary set of transformations across the industry. New technologies are the catalyst for many of these changes. They also offer new opportunities to improve the quality and control the cost of healthcare.

The way information is created, stored, and shared within the healthcare industry today limits the ability of doctors, nurses, clinicians, and administrators to share information and work together. Healthcare professionals are bogged down with paper-based processes, manual data entry, and isolated information systems that do not communicate.

Microsoft and Sherwood Systems give healthcare and life science professionals tools that streamline the way you enter, access, and share data, resulting in improved health at reduced costs. As a pioneer in the field, Microsoft understands how people use digital information technologies in their daily lives and has applied that knowledge to the issues faced by healthcare providers, health plans, and life sciences organizations.

Healthcare: The Opportunity for Change

When it comes to healthcare in the United States, the facts speak clearly:

  • The United States is the world leader in total healthcare spending but ranks 48th in life expectancy.
  • Healthcare spending continues to rise dramatically with $2.7 trillion the projected figure for 2010.
  • Mounting hospital costs account for one in four U.S. dollars spent on healthcare today, with medical errors adding greatly to the price of healthcare.

These are serious and complex issues. Shifting the tide requires fresh approaches to out-dated administrative procedures that have been in place for decades.

Whatever your business goals, Sherwood Systems can provide your organization with integrated solutions. These solutions help to maximize efficiency and improve patient outcomes through innovations in productivity, quality, and value. We strive to offer healthcare and life sciences an unparalleled commitment to quality and efficiency for all roles and needs, from practitioners to business staff to clients.

Microsoft integrated solutions let you share and update information instantly, so you can reduce administrative costs and collaborate better, allowing you to focus on patient care, patient outcomes, and customer service.

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